Keep an Eye on These Landscaping Lighting Trends in 2024

When we work with clients to design the perfect outdoor space, an integral part of the plan is the hardscaping – particularly the outdoor lighting features. That’s because quality outdoor lighting enhances the beauty of your property, allows you to spend more time outside enjoying it, and keeps walkways well-lit and secure. 

At Williams Landscape & Design, we’ve seen the popularity of landscape lighting skyrocket in the past few years. The technology and product quality have kept pace with the demand and some definitive trends have emerged. Here’s what we predict will continue to be hot in landscape lighting for 2024.

Energy-Efficient Options Continue to Grow

There’s a strong trend towards more consumers choosing LED and solar-powered outdoor lights that are still gathering steam in 2024. Both options are energy efficient, long-lasting, and make a dent in the utility bill. The technology behind these products is always improving and as the popularity grows so does the selection of lighting options.

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Outdoor Lighting Gets Even Smarter

Smart outdoor lighting technology is extremely popular with homeowners who want a combination of fantastic looking hardscaping and functionality. The ability to set a schedule, adjust brightness and color, and customize outdoor lighting features from a smartphone or tablet will be in huge demand this year.

Think Warm, Minimalistic in 2024

From a design standpoint, two of the most significant trends in outdoor lighting focus on creating an inviting, clean look. Warm lighting is a trend that’s been booming over the past few years because it creates a relaxing environment using warm-colored LED lights that are ideal for outdoor spaces such as decks and patios. Minimalistic outdoor lighting fixtures feature simple, clean lines using materials such as brushed aluminum or stainless steel. The minimal approach is gaining momentum as more people seek to create a modern look in their outdoor space.

Multi-functional Outdoor Lighting Always in Demand

Multi-functional outdoor lighting is becoming more popular as homeowners look for ways to maximize their outdoor space. Multi-functional lighting fixtures serve multiple purposes, such as uplighting for architectural and landscaping features, downlighting path lights for walkways, and in-grade recessed LED lights in pavers. These lighting options are great for applications such as lighting a pathway while also acting as a planter, bench, railing, or other structural feature.

Bold, Eye-Catching Designs Remain Popular

Some people prefer their outdoor lighting to really pop, so statement lighting is definitely going to continue trending in 2024. Statement lighting fixtures are eye-catching and designed to be a focal point of an outdoor space. These fixtures feature unique shapes and designs that are complemented by beautiful finishes such as aged patina or chrome. This design trend adds plenty of style and visual interest to patios, decks, and walkways. 

Emphasis on Blending Indoor, Outdoor Spaces

Because outdoor lighting has become so innovative and fashionable, outdoor spaces are transforming into extensions of the inside of a home. This includes fixtures such as pendant lighting and even chandeliers that were rarely seen in outside spaces until a few years ago. This trend is a direct response to consumer demand for patios and decks that offer stylish lighting that’s built to withstand the outdoors. These types of designs call for well-lit, beautiful outside spaces that can work for everything from a relaxing evening with the family to a big party.

At Williams Landscape & Design, our customers rely on us to create beautiful, functional outdoor lighting designs that complement their property’s hardscape and landscapes. Contact us today to talk with our experienced team about how we can make the latest outdoor lighting trends come to life at your home. 

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