Plan Ahead With Fall Planting

Dear Friends,

I hope that the end of the summer season and the start of the fall season find you well. Williams Landscape and Design has been quite busy beautifying the outdoor spaces we work in, but we are also proud to say that we have been busy giving back to the community. Williams Landscape & Design donated the design and installation of the new rain garden and landscape planting at the Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center last spring, and we have donated the landscape maintenance since then. We believe in giving back. Recently, our company participated in the United Way Day of Caring for the 17th year in a row! Fifty of our people donated time at the Heritage Humane Society and at the 4-H Campground on the Day of Caring. These are just a couple of the ways that our company gives back to the community that gave so much to us over the years.

As our company has developed steadily over the past 17 years, the growth has always been organic, synergistic and typically in response to a customer request. Williams Landscape & Design originally started as a small residential landscape design/build company. We now offer residential and commercial maintenance services; award-winning certified design and installation; perennial and annual flower garden design and care; koi pond design and installation; patio construction; outdoor lighting; irrigation design and installation – all driven by customer demand. We are proud to announce that we have established a branch of our company in Richmond, Virginia. We appreciate the support that we have received from you and hope that you will feel comfortable referring us. As always, please share your questions and suggestions, as we love hearing from you.


Aaron R. Williams, CLP
Owner and Founder, Williams Landscape & Design, Inc.

Fall feels like a time for winding down and closing the book on the growing season. This season, however, offers an amazing opportunity to lay the groundwork for the future of your landscape.

It’s easy to put off thinking about next year until spring actually arrives. The problem is that spring is a bad time to plant new trees and shrubs. Spring tends to be overly rainy, which makes it difficult for new plants to establish their roots. Immature plants that are planted in the spring struggle to gain a foothold. This lack of viable roots becomes a real problem once summer arrives. Without hearty roots to store moisture, spring plantings can be easily scorched in the dry summer heat.

Plants that go in during the fall are well equipped for long-term success. Fall tends to be mild temperature-wise and relatively dry. These conditions are extremely hospitable for immature trees and shrubs that are just settling into their new homes. Autumn is a time when all plants begin to focus on root growth instead of top growth. New plants are able to establish viable roots before winter dormancy. By next spring, fall plantings are ready for vigorous growth and will be mature enough to withstand a stressful summer.

Trees and shrubs are prominent features of your landscape and some of the most expensive. To get the most out of your investment, it pays to take advantage of Mother Nature’s schedule. Planting new additions in the fall allows your trees and shrubs to thrive in the spring and for many years to come.

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