Timely Trimming

It’s sad to see trees removed simply because they’ve been allowed to outgrow their designated space. With regular, methodical pruning, drastic repairs and removals can almost always be avoided.

One of the best times to prune trees is in the winter when very little is going on in your yard. When trees aren’t actively growing, they respond well to pruning. These dormant months allow trees’ energy to be focused on healing wounds from pruning. Leaves are usually desirable, but they can also clutter up a work area. When trees are bare, it’s easier to assess where pruning needs to take place. This makes for a quicker, more efficient job.

With proper pruning, damage from severe weather can be prevented. Decay and disease can be stopped. Branches that overlap and rub against each other can be removed. Excessive growth blocking driveways, walkways and windows can be cut back.

Gorgeous, prominent trees are your landscape’s biggest assets. Winter is an ideal time for professional pruning that will make your trees look great in the coming spring and healthy for many years to come.

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